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English: Artois Puppy

English: Artois Puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am positive that each and every one of you with new dogs would like a magic potion that would allow you to create a perfectly potty trained puppy.   I have one keyword that will summarize your potty training experience:  PATIENCE.  Potty training is an act of patience and you must maintain yours at all times.  Don’t loose your cool and don’t punish your puppy for an accident you didn’t catch him or her in the middle of it.  Just Clean up accidents.


I can’t give that to you, but I can give you the correct guidance, expectations, and tools you need to potty train your puppy successfully.  This, like many of my recent posts, reaches back into my archives and compiling all the relevant posts into one so that you have a resource to work from.  It will take you from start to finish.


So, here is a list of everything I think you need to know:



I hope these resources are helpful for you.  Here is another helpful article I found for you on petsmart.com.

I think that you will find potty training to be a challenge, not because it is difficult, but because it requires you to be completely consistent.  You need to watch closely to see when your puppy needs to go potty.  You need to schedule potty breaks consistently and above all you need to remember that your puppy won’t know what it’s being punished for unless it is caught in the act.