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DSCN0450Scully, My close friend of 18 years has crossed the rainbow bridge since I spoke to you last.  This was scully’s favorite activity.  Sunning himself.

Even with Karma still here and beside me I miss him every day.  He was the only creature, person, or companion to be beside me for so very long.

We get attached to our dogs for their unconditional love, their partnership, their antics, and even their misbehaviors.  We get so attached that like me, you don’t notice, or don’t want to, that they have no quality of life any more.

It took more internal debate than I am proud of to decide that it was Scully’s time to cross that bridge.  But in the end, he came first.  He is out of pain, out of suffering, and I hope that doggy heaven is the same as people heaven because I want to see him again someday.