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When I recently heard that most rice grains, including brown rice, are laced with dangerous levels of arsenic I was horrified. Not only do I

Brown rice.
Brown rice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

serve brown rice frequently to my family but also to my dogs. It really
got me thinking about what else is out there that is dangerous for my

This is a post that applies not just to puppies but all pets and it focuses, not so much on toxins in food as toxins all around our house. I’ve been doing some research into items commonly used inside                                                                                     and outside our homes with regard to how they can adversely affect our pets. There is, fortunately, a lot of information on the web and I hope to share some of those links with you here so you can do your own investigating.

Pet my tummy please
Pet my tummy please (Photo credit: Jan & Peggy)

I’m sure all of us have had the unfortunate experience of losing a pet prematurely, or have close friends who have. Havanese, for example, should live from 12 to 14 years. There are many who live well beyond 15 years. And, sadly there are some Havanese who don’t make it to their 8th birthday. Sometimes accidents take the lives of our dear ones but, as often as not, cancer is the cause. Exposure to chemicals in and around our homes has long been suspected of causing these cancers. Let’s begin with an area where out dogs spend a fair amount of time each day…our yards.

“The Truth About Cats, Dogs and Lawn Chemicals” is a PDF file put out by pesticidewatch.org and it is a real eye opener! The article talks about everything from the history of lawn chemicals to the current chemicals that are particularly dangerous. They encourage everyone to READ THE LABELS of any product you apply to your yard or garden. They also have a film on the topic that is available to rent if you want to show it to a community group or even view it yourself.

Havanese & Owners
Havanese & Owners (Photo credit: the other Martin Taylor)and it is a real eye opener! I encourage all my readers to take a good look at this document.

Another website/blog put out by Eartheasy talks about eight common household items that are a danger to pets. They discuss alternatives to the dangerous chemicals found in flea control products, de-icers, road salt and more.

Then there is Organic Authority which has a detailed post about harmful chemicals as well as some very unnerving statistics about cancer in dogs.

Then just yesterday a report came out that some dog toys contain potentially harmful chemicals. A plastic throw toy called a “bumper” was one item tested by a researcher at Texas Tech but other toys were also found to be toxic.

I’ve started the research for you. There is a lot more on the Internet. Your job as a responsible puppy owner is to not just delve further but act by keeping your pet away from all harmful substances. It will live a much longer life for it!

I hope my readers will feel free to comment on this article and add any information they have discovered about household chemicals or green alternatives.

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