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Crate Training Our Dogs

Crate Training Our Dogs (Photo credit: Andrew Griffith)

Crate training, and how you go about it, makes a huge difference in your dog accepting confinement.  This is another post where my previous series has faded into obscurity.  In order to make sure the information is actively available to you.  I do recommend crate training your puppy or new adult dog.  Here is why:

  • Crate training helps potty train your dog.
  • Crate training helps your dog learn to accept confinement.
  • Crate training makes it possible for your dog to travel most safely in a crate.
  • An uncrated pet can never travel by air.
  • Crates make training your dog to the vet easier.
  • Even when trained a crate with the door taken off makes an excellent home for your pet.

Here are some things you’ll need to know:

When you have your dog in a crate a durable toy such as a Kong is very valuable.  Here is how you should use one.  An everlasting treat ball could also be useful.  Though they are somewhat expensive, they are wonderful treats to keep your dog entertained.

As you can tell there is a lot of information that goes into crate training.  I wrote these articles so that you could take the information in small pieces and really understand it.  I hope it helps you.

My next series re post will be about an equally important topic, potty training.  I posted this before the other, because a crate can be your most valuable tool when potty training a new puppy.  Have a wonderful day and good luck with crate training.  Do your best to have realistic expectations with your dog.  You don’t want to have a dog who gets upset at the thought of spending time in his crate.