Dogs definitely teach you patience, especially if you have four of them.

Marking Our Territory

It happens to everyone with a pet.  You step out of the shower and notice that one slipper is missing.  You walk in the door to discover that a mini-tornado appears to have made its way through your living room. You are trying to do something that requires your full attention and a four-legged freight train barrels into your side and shatters your concentration.


Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

“Oh, I thought you said DO knock over the carefully stacked recycling. My bad”

The thing about pets is that while they are smart and quick learners, they aren’t so great at understanding all of our complicated logic.  Pets don’t care if they ate your favorite shoe or if they knocked over the Christmas tree while romping around.  You can correct a pet if you catch them in the act, but lecturing them afterwards is only good for getting your pet to give you funny…

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