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Veterinarian (Photo credit: Army Medicine)


It takes several skills to raise a puppy, but the main skill is patience.  Get your puppy on a Friday or Saturday so that your puppy can have time to acclimate to you and your home.


Before you pick up your puppy, shop for all the supplies you will need. After you get your puppy, begin with crate training.  A crate is not only a potty training tool but it becomes your dog‘s den as they grow.  They will go there voluntarily to nap, sleep or even play with a toy alone.  Dogs like to curl up somewhere dark and quiet at times.  Plastic crates are the perfect solution for this.


Give your puppy plenty of your time to play, get attention, and simply be close to you.  Like a baby they have several needs that need attention and they can’t take care of themselves appropriately yet.


1 day old hovawart puppy

1 day old hovawart puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Take them to their designated potty place about thirty minutes after they eat.  A puppy will not be able to “hold it” for an appropriate time for you.


At the earliest opportunity, take your puppy to the vet.  Remember to hold your puppy and not put him on the floor.  He has not had all his shots yet and you don’t want to take the chance on him catching something.


Let the vet and vet assistants pet and play with your puppy as much as possible.  You want your puppy to have a positive association with the veterinarian.  Ask your vet how old your puppy needs to be before he can be safely set on the floor and what their vaccination schedule should be.


Zaguate puppy

Zaguate puppy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As soon as your puppy is old enough take him to a puppy training class.  You can’t begin training your puppy too early.  In fact, while you are waiting for your class to start, or your puppy to get old enough, start teaching your dog look, sit, down and take it.  You can do much of your dog’s training from the floor or couch.  Training does not need to be an incredibly formal act.


After your puppy is able, make sure you socialize him as much as possible.  The more social your puppy is now, the less problems you’ll have later.


Enjoy your new puppy.  Spend lots of time with him or her.  Don’t punish him if you don’t catch him in the act, and above all, love your new pet.