Due to the massive amount of spam I’ve been getting, users must be logged in to their wordpress account to comment.  If it had been different people spamming me, well, I’d probably do the same thing, but 400 spam from 4-5 people…  It’s a little much to delete through just to get the real comments that were there by accident.

In case anyone is genuinely interested in knowing:

  • My blog is hosted on the free version of http://www.wordpress.com
  • I have not paid for any upgrades
  • I am not interested in receiving any below pg related material
  • I intend to find one of those nifty “it’s really a human typing” validators very soon.
  • If your topic is my SEO or lack of it, don’t bother.  I will do it myself when I’m self hosted, but for now, content is what keeps me up there in the search engines.
  • If you accidentally sent that you appreciate my site 10 times and I took it as spam, I’m very sorry, please continue coming back to read.
  • Did I miss anything important folks?

Oh yeah, I’m working out a service dog advice article, a potty training article, and a few others that should be up in a few days so stick around and ignore this tangent if you weren’t one of those people doing the spamming.