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A portrait of a Beagle puppy.

A portrait of a Beagle puppy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When it is time to add a new pet addition to your family, it is wise to pick up your new pet on Friday night or Saturday mornings.  The reason for this is to give you the best opportunity to let your dog get used to your house and to you before you have to leave him alone for any length of time.


Imagine going to a family member’s home only to have them leave right away.  You’d probably feel disconcerted being alone in a strange place and wonder why they invited you if they were only going to leave.


It is similar for your new dog.  You want to get him used to you, any other animals in your house, and your children or other family members.  You also want to start good habits from the beginning.


When you first bring your new pet home, they are likely to have potty training accidents, either as a way to mark their new property or because they are nervous.  If you watch closely, you can let him out before he has an accident.  This will be beneficial to you immediately and in the long run because you might not have to start potty training from the beginning.  You can also get him used to his new crate or begin crate training if necessary.


You also have more time on the weekend to play with your puppy.  This will start developing the bond between you.  Don’t forget belly rubs, playing with toys, and reinforcing any training your puppy has also received.


You should continue feeding your puppy whatever he was eating before.  If the food is a poor quality you want to transition slowly to your chosen foot type.  If you need help choosing a dog food click here.


Work slowly with your puppy.  Focus on playing with appropriate toys and just giving your puppy plenty of attention.  Enjoy your new family member and remember that your puppy is confused, in unfamiliar circumstances, and needs to learn his new home.  Have patience with him and above all have fun!