This is what assistance dogs do for disabled people, whether the disability is visible or not. It makes such a difference, not only are no words needed, none are possible.



After I was hit by a car when I was two years old, my parents were told I would never have the life they expected for their two year old daughter. In fact, I was not supposed to survive the accident at all. Chocolate saved my life – and that will be a topic for another blog.

I can tell a great story about chocolate but I’d like to tell you today about the story of my first kitten. My parents bought me a kitten from the RSPCA to sit next to me and keep me company after my accident. He was a ginger kitten – so we nicknamed him Bluey.

For those reading this outside Australia, we call people with red hair ‘Bluey’ and people with Black hair ‘Blondie’ and so forth – some Down Under humour.

Anyway, Bluey lived for 16 years and was my constant companion until…

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