Wow, this is a big old mess of controvery. In my opinion, it depends on several thing.
Do you already know how the dog reacts to the child?
Has the dog ever bitten anyone?
Has the dog spent time playing with the child before?
Is there adult supervision… like there had to be in order to get this super cute picture.
If your dog is supervised, well socialized with not just your children but many children, has never bitten anyone…ever, and you’re handy to supervise, puppy kisses are A OK.
If the dog has a history of biting, you aren’t supervising, isn’t familiar etc. Then no, this would be a bad idea. Before a dog is allowed such close contact with a baby, they should be familiar with each other.

The Daily Golden

A Twitter war has broken out between Peaches Geldof and Katie Price (aka Jordan)  over whether or not it is safe to let dogs around babies.

Reality TV star and model Katie Price (left) accused Peaches of being an irresponsible parent for letting her golden retriever “Parpy” near her son after Geldof posted  pictures of the beautiful duo on Twitter.

Katie Price wrote about the incident in her newspaper column in The Sun.

Let’s hope she grows up a bit more before becoming a mum to two tots,” and  “An animal is an animal and that means they can turn on you at any point. All new mums should also remember that dogs can easily get jealous of new babies.

Katie continues “I’ve got two French mastiffs and a French bulldog at home but my kids are only ever allowed to play with them…

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