I took the holidays off everyone then I started thinking about this wonderful fantasy.  I wished that I could have a site that more people could find where I could both help people with training and dog information but with product recommendations as well.  In my mind this site would be a real .com with advertising, specialized pages, an eventual store, ebooks I’ve written, and so many other helpful features that I would eventually become a real resource for many people, instead of the few dog lovers I reach here.

My fantasy took hold.  Within the next few days I will be working on a site to meet that need and I hope my faithful readers will follow me to it.  I will be responding to comments that have backed up and my next post will be a link to your new dog care resource page.  Features will be added as we go, but I’m moving my old posts and adding new.  You will have the website address when I gain basic functionality and fix the browser issues we’ve all been complaining about.

I hope you will share in this with me.