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English: Galomy Oak's Aurora del Mango - servi...

English: Galomy Oak’s Aurora del Mango – service dog in training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When training a service dog experience is important.  There are people who self-train their dogs with the help of an experienced trainer.  It would involve going through the Canine Good Citizen level of training, public access training, and task training.


If you are serious about a psychiatric service dog, you might want to check out this organization, it’s called the Psychiatric Service Dog Society.


I am going through this process with you.  I think I’ve found the trainer I want to use, but you can find PTSD service dog trainers and Psychiatric Service Dog Trainers at what was formally called the Delta Society.


Here is the link to the trainer search page.


I strongly recommend that you find a specialized service dog trainer and try to get with either a private trainer or an organization.  Although I self-trained my first dog, even though I was already a professional pet trainer, I made some serious mistakes and didn’t do all that I should have to make sure he was trained to the highest status.


I hope this helps you.  If you need more information, all you need to do is leave a comment.