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I thought you might be interested in seeing a beautiful dog in need of rescue.


Tails From The Fur

Working in rescue is an amazing experience that can touch your life in positive, uplifting ways you never thought possible.  However, there are two sides to rescue and at times so many animals and so many stories of incredible courage, strength and happiness are blurred and pushed to the side due to the overwhelming reasons rescue is necessary in the first place.  Both sides of rescue are what drove me to be a part of it though, I’ve seen it all and still would go back for more because beyond the ugly there are beautiful examples of humanity and love.  The happy endings, even though they may seem scarce, exist more than you can imagine. 

It’s these happy endings that made me believe in the unbelievable, that made me push the horror to back of my head and remember the smiles burnt down to my soul.  Rescue is difficult…

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