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English: Mixed-breed dog doing dog agility Mix...

English: Mixed-breed dog doing dog agility Mix of a Queensland Heeler and Australian Shepherd. Taken by Elf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As with dog nutrition and potty training, my posts on choosing an appropriate puppy or adult dog have faded into archived obscurity.  So, I am doing another compliation post.  Choosing a new puppy or adult dog  is more complex than you might think.  In fact, I had to break the main topic up into two parts so here they are:



First consider the age of dog that is best for your family.  You also need to know about mixed breed dogs.  You also need to consider the grooming requirements of a new dog.  They are most often found at dog rescues, humane societies and animal control.  I have three mixed breed dogs and in my experience they can be a more hardy dog and don’t always have the medical predisposition to illness and allergies that purebreeds can have. You should also consider the personality and financial responsibility associated with owning a dog.


A guest writer of mine also posted ten things to consider when buying a new puppy or dog.


A new puppy or adult dog should have it’s area prepared for him before he arrives.  Feel free to use this shopping list to help you out.

I strongly recommend not purchasing a puppy for Christmas.  It is the time of year that most pets are returned because we tend to make impulse purchases or because we aren’t prepared, with all our company and other presents, to adequately acclimate to a new home.  I have a potential solution for your holiday pet purchase here.