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A supermarket's pet food aisle in Brooklyn, Ne...

A supermarket’s pet food aisle in Brooklyn, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have previously written a comprehensive series of posts on dog nutrition.  Instead of re-posting the series, I have decided to write a similar post that explains the differences between dog food ingredients and part 2 of dog food ingredients, grocery v/s premium foods, and how to transition your pet to a new dog food.

When considering nutrition it could also be important to consider the treats you give your pets for dog training.

While I was a dog trainer I learned how important dog nutrition really is.  It isn’t about fancy commercials, brand recognition, who has the fanciest packaging, etc.  It is about the ingredients and the processing of your dog’s food.

All of the links in this post go back to my previous articles.  Unfortunately, when an article gets lost in the obscurity of your archives, no one really finds them anymore.  This is my solution.

Remember, choosing a bad dog food is like eating fast food all the time.  Your dog may be full, but he won’t be in his peak condition or fitness.  Watch out for dog food recalls and be responsible by purchasing the best food that you can afford for your dog or puppy.