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Mixed-breed dogs are among the most popular co...

Mixed-breed dogs are among the most popular companion dogs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This week is Animal Shelter Appreciation week – a perfect time to start the “Rescue Reveal” feature.  This feature will regularly highlight a different Animal Rescue Shelter or Group from around the world.  It is a global initiative, aimed at raising awareness for the rescue animals and shelters.


This first installment highlights the benefits of acquiring a rescue dog.


I am not advocating this for everybody.  Some people wish to “show” or “work” their dogs and a specific breed, from a reputable breeder, is clearly the correct option.  Many of us, however, simply want a companion dog.  The exact breed is of less importance than the instinctive knowledge that you were “meant for each other”.  At this point, why not consider adopting?  What better gift could you give than a loving, forever home?


The title of this post is, of course, slightly misleading.  Although many dogs in shelters are “mutts”, there are frequently pure-breeds, desperate for a home.  Some shelters are even breed specific.  The following are great reasons to consider adopting your next fur-ball:


  1. First and foremost, you are doing your bit for this world.  Knowing that you have provided a safe and loving haven for an animal in need is one of the greatest feelings you can imagine.  So, from a selfish, feel-good point of view – go ahead and adopt.
  2. Depending on your lifestyle, a puppy may well not be the optimum choice.  Puppies are hard work.  They are like having a baby in the house, although for a shorter period of time.  Puppies need to be house-broken.  They will eat and chew pretty much anything they can find.  They need to be fed frequently and supervised constantly.  A slightly older dog may be a perfect solution.  Often times they are already house-broken, may know a few (or lots) of commands and, generally, require a lot less supervision.
  3. There are also plenty of puppies in shelters, just as desperate for a forever home. Adoption is still a great option.
  4. Shelters are perfect places to find older dogs whose personalities are already easily visible.  A well run shelter will assist in finding a match that best suits your personality, activity levels and needs.
  5. Shelters offer endless variety and that perfect goofball of love is bound to make a connection.
  6. Dogs seem to sense when they have been rescued.  They know full well that their lives are better with you.  Luckily, dogs don’t dwell on the past.  They live in the moment but they do know this moment is better than their previous ones.
  7. A rescue might come with its’ issues and quirks from a previous life but good shelters will have analyzed these and you can decide what quirks you are capable of dealing with.  Many have no quirks worse than a desire to shower you with love.  Remember that even a puppy from a breeder may grow up to have its’ own quirks.  There are no guarantees in life, so why not give a chance to the one most in need – the one sitting in a shelter?
  8. If you land up with a mixed breed, this does not prevent you from enjoying a multitude of shows and events.  If you choose a mixed breed, it might be one that excels in agility or any other number of activities.
  9. Quite often, a mixed breed is healthier and stronger, suffering less from breed specific health issues.
  10. Every dog adopted, allows the shelter to help another one in need.  As I concentrate specifically on the No-Kill Shelters, space always becomes an issue.  So, although you may think that you are only helping one dog, you are actually helping others to be rescued.
  11. From a purely financial point of view, adopting for a shelter is usually far less expensive than purchasing a pedigree dog.
  12. Toddlers and puppies can sometimes be an explosive mix.  Sharp teeth and boundless energy can hurt.  An older, calmer, child friendly dog might be more suitable.


So at least give adoption a thought.


If you know of a Rescue Group or Shelter with a Pro-Life policy, that is well run and whose aim is to provide the dogs in their care with a Life, rather than simply keeping them Alive, please feel free to hop over to my blog at http://longlifecatsanddogs.wordpress.com and leave a comment.


I look forward to hearing from this fabulous Global Community of ours.