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A short-haired Chihuahua dog.

Traveling time is coming upon us fast.  I’m already looking at the black Friday ad releases.  Your shopping list is different for travel than when you are on the road.  My husband has compared it to packing a doggie diaper bag.

The amount of packing you need to do is different if you are taking a few hour trip than if you are going to be traveling for several days.

If you are only taking a few hour trip it is important to pack a baggie with dog food, water bottles, treats, waste disposal bags and dispenser, possibly a favorite toy, and a collapsible water and food bowls.  Don’t forget to use a crate or dog seat belt to keep your dog safe.

You might also want to consider getting a seat cover for your car so that you don’t end up with doggie hair all over your seat.  I prefer to have a large purse or small tote bag to carry my dog’s travel gear.  Otherwise, I find it is difficult to locate what I need when I need it.

Do you have anything to add to this list?  Have I forgotten something important that you need when you are traveling?

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