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A male Puggle (crossbreed between a Pug and a ...

A male Puggle (crossbreed between a Pug and a Beagle). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In general I prefer mixed breed puppies and adult dogs.  In my opinion, which I haven’t verified by a vet, a mixed breed dog is more sturday and doesn’t suffer from as many breed specific problems.


Mixed breeds also come in so many sizes and shapes that you can find the perfect mix for you.  I’m not sure how I feel about the latest “Designer Dog” craze.  I love the look of a puggle (a pug/beagle mix).  They are incredibly cute.  Take a look at that picture.  How could you not love that face.  I hope that the beagle part takes care of the respitory problems that have a tendency to plague the pug.

The best place to look for mixed breed dogs is to look at rescue groups.  So far, I prefer PetFinder.  They seem to have the biggest selection of rescue groups that post their dogs for adoption.  They also explain the rescue group’s adoption policies and procedures as well as the adoption fees.

Make sure you research the breeds that your dog is mixed with.  You can do that at the American Kennel Club‘s website.  It included the various illness tendencies of the various breeds as well as exercise requirements, the best type of housing, the general tendency of a breed to be loving to other dogs, children and cats.

In my experience, the younger the dog is that joins the household the more likely they are to adapt to your household.  However, if your household is like mine and only has four legged babies, you will need to make extra effort to socialize your dog with various animals and people of all sizes.  For safety, never leave a dog alone with a child until their temperament is beyond question.