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Puppy Presents!

Puppy Presents! (Photo credit: C. Strife)


It is getting closer to the time of year where the holiday shopping craze seems to take over everyone.  First, we have Thanksgiving to celebrate and then Santa visits at Christmas.  Please, don’t follow the lead of the commercials that show the puppy climbing out of the wrapped package.


Before you stop reading I have alternate ideas for those of you who are ready for a dog and want to use the holiday as an excuse to purchase one for you or for children, girlfriend, etc.


The dogs that are most likely to be turned in to a kill shelter are the ones purchased at Christmas or Valentines day.  Sometimes it is because the individual isn’t ready to care for a puppy, but I think there is a more likely cause in most cases.


Think, for just a moment, of the chaos that takes over your home during the holidays.  You are either traveling or surrounded by guests most likely.  This is the worst possible time to get a dog to adjust to a new home.


Instead, wrap that box with a stuffed toy puppy that has a collar around his neck with a date where you will go shopping for your new addition.  It could say:


Puppy Shopping Day: 1/3/2013


Your children or significant other will be excited and you can use that time, especially with children, to educate them on their responsibilities caring for their new puppy.  The guests will be gone after the new year.  You can get what ever you think a new puppy would need.  I’ll try to repost my puppy shopping list to help guide you.


The most important point is that you won’t be bringing a puppy into the chaos of guests, travel, all the other presents under the tree, and all the flashing decorations.  It also gives you time to discuss your new pet, just in case the gift wouldn’t be a good idea.


Although it might be a let down for you if your perfect gift idea turns out to be unwelcome, it would save the dog from being turned in to animal control or a humane society.  No-Kill rescues are always crowded at this time of year, so finding one to take the unwanted puppy is next to impssible.


Think of the puppy and give him or her the best chance for a new home.  Don’t buy a puppy during holiday chaos.