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! Love My Dog(s) November '06 Mosaic

! Love My Dog(s) November ’06 Mosaic (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

I have been getting wonderful comments and feedback on my blog recently.  All of you who have taken time from your busy lives to comment on my articles, thank you.


Since I know some of you who are out there now, I’d like to ask all of my visitors for a small favor:


Send me any ideas for dog related topics you’d like to see!


I have some topics I’m working on, but I’d like to see what my readers need and want to learn more about.


These topics can cover dog training, dog care, puppy issues, breed specific issues, puppy training, positive reinforcement, crate training, pet business tips, new pet information, behavioral issues, house training, products you want to learn about, or clicker training.