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Service Dog!

Service Dog! (Photo credit: Lachlan Hardy)

I am so excited.  Harley and I have agreed that I can get a program trained service dog to aid in my recovery.  This dog will specialize in assisting me with my PTSD symptoms.  It will take a little while (too long) to save up the money for the dog and professional training.

The trainer is recommended by the Delta Society.  They are one of the major players in service dog trainer referrals.  It will probably be after Christmas when I can do the training.  She lives about ten hours from here, so it will be a long trip but Harley intends to accompany me.  If he can’t, I will do my best to make the trip on my own.

We thought about training Lacy for the work, but we both agree that her temperament isn’t suitable for work.  I realize that even though I was a dog trainer myself, it was a mistake to try to train my own service dog.  I realize that for some people, including me at the time, self-training is the only option.  When the time gets closer, after I get her permission, I will post information about the training we will be doing and the trainer.

The trainer believes that a beagle would be the best breed for my lifestyle and the tasks I need.  We haven’t gone into serious details because we don’t have the money yet, the exact time we can go, or the dog chosen.  There are a lot of details to take care of but I have some hope again.  Life was easier when I had a service dog and I felt healthier.  I’d like that feeling again.