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English: Psychiatric Service Dog In Training

English: Psychiatric Service Dog In Training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hello everyone.  I have been thinking long and hard after Copper’s retirement.  I need a new psychiatric service dog.  So, instead of continuing to flounder around on my own, I am asking for your help.


Since Copper’s retirement I have been unable to leave the house and drive to any place at all.  My husband drives me to my doctor’s appointments and occasionally we go through a drive through on the way home.  Those of you with invisibilities will no doubt understand how mortifying this is for me to admit.  For the rest, please take my word for it.  Imagine relying on your spouse to do everything that is required outside of your home.  Imagine Christmas or birthday shopping.  Mine is done on amazon unless I ask my husband to pick up something specific.  It is more than an inconvenience.  It feels like being trapped and imprisoned inside the four walls of my home.


Harley is incredibly understanding; the perfect husband really.  Still, he does too much, manages too much, and has very little help.  Using Copper gave me freedom to go to Target and get my own perscriptions filled.  I could go to the bookstore like a normal person and look at books or go to the craft store on my own.  Now, they go on Harley’s todo list.


I don’t tell you these things to get your pity.  In fact, the last thing I want is pity.  I want a capable, well trained service dog who is able to perform the tasks I require.  Speaking of tasks, although it will make this post too long, I am going to include some of the tasks that will help me below:




  • Alert to an oncoming anxiety attack
  • Respond to hand signal to act as if he or she has to go outside so I can excuse myself from an overwhelming social situation.
  • Fetch Medicine and water or soda to take it with
  • Search house for intruder
  • Turn on lights
  • Turn off lights
  • Alert when I hyperfocus so I don’t spend all day on the same thing.
  • Remind for med time (no, alarms and schedules don’t work.)
  • Alert to people moving behind me
  • Alert to children (yes, I’m afraid of children and can manage my response if I know they are coming.)
  • Maintain distance behind me in shopping aisles and checkout lines
  • Possibly, but not necessarily required: use for some mobility work when severe anxiety leaves me weak or dizzy.


So, does anyone know of PSD trainers near Detroit MI?  I’ve had no luck locating who I need so far.  I’d appreciate advice if you have it!