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Lacy is still working off and on at being a replacement psychiatric service dog for Copper when the time comes.  She is still in the beginner obedience training stages.

I’m in the beginning stages of laying out what I need a service dog for me to do at this stage of my mental state.  It’s something that is just going around in the back of my mind, not a plan I’m laying out.  I have a counselor who really believes that I might be able to work through some of my issues, and I am seeing progress in myself.  I need to go a lot further before I could really consider not using a dog.  My counselor says I will eventually get to the point where my safe place will be inside me, not dependent on a dog or my husband.

Right now we are working on name response (look or watch) and come.  We are also proofing sit.  I know that she is so far away from being a psychiatric service dog, but after we push past her inherent stubbornness in training sessions, she is doing better.  She has a lot of training to go before we need to start working on tasks.