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Copper was an excellent boy today.  We went to my doctor’s visit, then on the way home I decided there were a few things I needed at the store and I really wanted a snickers and mountain dew to reward myself for pushing through the morning panic attack and actually pushing myself through the front door to get out in the world.

The only store on the side of the road I was on was Walgreens and since they have both snickers and mountain dew it seemed a good fit.  It’s not on my “comfortable” list of stores but I have been in there a time or two.  Copper and I did really well and I actually did some leisure shopping and bought a few extra things too. Copper stayed on my left side at a tight heel without having to be constantly reminded, he did his job at the checkout counter very well and we made it home in one piece.

Now I just need to get someone to teach him how to fix the air conditioning when it goes out and we’ll be all set.  It’s either that or wait for Michigan winter to kick in, which seems likely anytime now.