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So You Want To Be A Dog Trainer by Nicole Wilde (Edition 2) is the best book on the market, in my opinion, for analyzing whether you want to be a trainer.  It also helps you look at why you want to be a trainer, what is involved in becoming one, and gives you a head start on opening your business.

The resources in this book are worth the price of purchase alone.  This book takes into account all the different goals about why people want to be dog trainers and helps guide you how to be the very best you can be.

My first big educational moment when I read the first edition of this book was that most of my work was going to be spent working with the people, not the dogs.  That was a bit of an earth shattering moment for me.  Did I really want to work with the people or were the people just an avenue to give me access to their dogs?  In the end I decided I did want to work with the people, but it caused me to really consider what I wanted my role to be.

My only criticism of Nicole Wilde is that she didn’t continue on the natural course of this book and write the next one… I Want To Be A Dog Trainer, Now What.

I would recommend this book to persons of high school age and up who think they might want to be dog trainers.  It will either motivate you to become a trainer or it will help you know you want to seek other paths in dog related fields.

Nicole Wilde is an amazing author, an inspiration, and an excellent guide.  Although I haven’t read all her books yet, I would trust her information.