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If I didn’t have my blog to help you out with your puppy and you were only going to read one book cover to cover on how to take care of your puppy I would recommend The Everything New Puppy Book to you.  It is written by Carlo De Vito with Amy Ammen.

The Everything New Puppy Book is an excellent resource for first time puppy parents, returning puppy parents, and new dog trainers or trainees alike.  It breaks things down into simple steps that you can understand.  The writing is even engaging.  Don’t expect this to be like a text-book you fell asleep reading.

It is also clearly outlined so that you can find the information you need for your puppy problem of the moment.

My only complaint about this book is that since it covers almost every topic you could run into, it doesn’t have the ability to discuss issues in the depth that I would prefer.  Of course, if you covered all those topics in the depth that I would like it would be too big to carry around.

Next time you are out check and see if you can find the Everything New Puppy book and see if you agree with my opinion on this one.