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A service dog putting keys into his owner's hand.

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Lacy is beginning her training both in obedience and as a service dog.  One of Lacy’s worst behaviors is a common one.  She likes to beg for food.

Lacy is a cockapoo/doxin mix.  She is starting to train to be my replacement service dog for when Copper needs to retire.  It will take about two years for her to be a ready replacement.

Luckily, my counselor’s office has given me permission to bring her in while she is in training.  This way, if Copper is ill for any reason, Lacy can take his place.

We’re starting to fix her begging problem by using one of the few discipline tools I approve of, the water bottle.

We have started spraying her with the water bottle when she begs or looks for leftover food.  After a while, we urge her to come back up with us.  We give her affection and groom her. So far, she is responding to it very well.  I think it will take a week or two to break her of the habit.

I’m excited about beginning her training and I’ll keep you posted.