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Cover of "Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds"

Cover of Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

For trainers in training or potential puppy parents the Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds is the best dog breed book I can find.  I own the second edition by D. Caroline Coile. Ph.D.


  • Most comprehensive breed book
  • Explains the health conditions associated with a breed
  • Gives you ratings in things like energy
  • Profiles more than 150 dog breeds


  • Not a book you can carry around, more a reference book

This is the book that I would use for figuring out what breed I would choose if I were to be looking for a new dog.  I helped my father – in – law with this book.  It is also the book I would use to learn and memorize information about the dogs I was either pet sitting or training.

A good dog trainer should already know or readily research the dogs they train.  Dogs of different breeds will react to training differently, so knowing their personalities gives a trainer an advantage in training their dog.