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Keep in mind if you use a service dog, at some point he will have to be retired and you will have to use another.  I can tell you right now that this process is more than a little scary.  You learn to depend on your dog and when that dog isn’t there, it’s as if a part of your body and a part of your courage goes away.

Copper has been injured the last few weeks.  My life has turned upside down.

Harley is taking Tuesday evenings off to take me to my doctor appointments after I missed a few because of debilitating anxiety attacks.  Hopefully this week will be the last.

They aren’t sure if he has arthritis in a foot or a sprain.  I’m terrified it is arthritis.  Arthritis doesn’t go away.

Now I’m in a terrible spot.  Am I going to have Copper back as a service dog?  Do I need to start training lacy to take his place where she can?  Can she do the job?  Even if she can I’m going to have to completely rethink how things will be done.  It’s so scary.

All of my comfort with going out of the house is gone.  The confidence I was building is shaky and I’m at a loss for how to proceed from here.

Have you ever wished you could see a month into the future?  I wish I could see if Copper would get better.  Either way the answer would guide me on what to do now.  For the moment, Copper is in pain and I feel helpless.