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Each dog, just like each person is different.  It seems to be a very common question lately on message boards what should you do if your dog is scared of you.  So, what do you do if your dog is scared of you:

First, see if you can figure out why your dog is scared of you.  Have you been yelling at him, spanking, using punishment in training?

If you are doing any of those things … stop.  Now.

Another reason your dog might be suddenly showing fear is if there has been a big change in your life.  A move, a job with different hours, anything that disrupts his normal routine might show up in signs of fear.

Possible Solutions:

  • Try just sitting on the floor and letting your dog come to you.  Relax, watch tv, and let him take his time.
  • If that doesn’t work, sit on the floor and toss treats at him.  Make them very small because you might be using a lot of them.  Slowly toss them closer to you.  After he gets close enough, let him eat them out of your hand.
  • Repeat these exercises daily until the fear recedes.  Expect it to take a week or two.

If these exercises don’t work contact a dog behaviorist.  If they are not responding to these exercises you may need more specialized help.