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High Five is an excellent trick to train your dog as a first trick.  The trick is just a version of the human high-five.  It is relatively uncomplicated.  In fact you can teach it in only two steps.

To get ready, prepare your pea sized treats and put them in your treat bag.

Step One

  • Hold a treat in your open hand.  You can hold it in your thumb up to your palm.
  • Sit on the floor in front of your dog and wait.  Ignore all attempts for him to be able to take the treat with his mouth.
  • Eventually he will get impatient and try to paw at your hand.
  • Give him the treat immediately
  • Practice 25 times per day for at least a week

Step Two

  • Your dog should be used to the behavior now.
  • Repeat the above steps
  • When he touches your hand say “Five” or “High Five”
  • Practice 25 times per day for at least a week

After these two steps just add it to your regular weekly practice routine.  In general, going from 25 repetitions to 10 repetitions.

Congratulations on learning your first trick.  I’ll keep adding tricks periodically.  If you like teaching tricks, let me know and I’ll try to add them more frequently.