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Dog agility is a sport you can do with your dog.  An agility course is composed of things like a teeter-totter you find in a child’s playground, hoops to jump through, poles for him to weave between and several other obstacles for your dog.

I went to a dog show a while back and that was my first introduction to watching a dog agility competition.  It was amazing to watch.  I couldn’t keep my eyes of the dogs while they weaved, jumped, ran, stayed, and did it all with what seemed little effort and lots of enjoyment.

If you have an exceptionally high energy dog, agility training might be a fun way for him to burn it off while learning to be obedient as well. If you want to see what dog agility looks like, research trainers in your area that teach agility and ask to watch an advanced class before you decide whether to start with a beginner course.

Although I’ve read a book or two on dog agility and how to train it, I don’t feel confident to give instruction on the subject…yet.  I plan to get further training myself, so that I can teach it in the future.