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The Furminator is an amazing product.  From looking at it you wouldn’t think that it was possible that anything could remove hair as well as it does.  It should definitely get rid of your dog’s loose hair and undercoat.

Copper is the one of my dogs that can benefit the most from using this particular product.  Dogs with very soft coats like Yorkies won’t benefit as much.  There is a joke around my house that it gets out enough fur to make an entire new dog.

We use it for regular maintenance but we also use it for upkeep.  Copper enjoys getting groomed with it.  I guess it feels like he is getting petted.  That’s how he reacts to it at least.

You do have to stop periodically to remove the hair from the head of the brush.  I recommend having a small trash can near you if you plan on using the Furminator.  You will need it.

The Furminator is very easy to use.  You simply use it like a regular brush.  You brush in the direction of your dog’s hair.  Continue following the direction of your dogs hair, going over any spots that have an extra bit of fur that can be removed.  You will be left with a dog who has a shiny, smooth coat and your dog will be less prone to shedding because you have gotten away all the extra hair.

The downside of this product is the initial price.  I think that it is well worth the price.  It is listed in the large size on Amazon at 29.99.  There are other sizes for other sized dogs.  We have and use the large size.

If you have questions about this product or anything else, just leave me a comment.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.