Copper had a day of being a regular dog so far.  I haven’t been without either him or Harley at my side for about 7 years.  I decided to do my best to make it through one doctor’s visit without him.  It was nice for him, I think, to be able to be a regular dog through the afternoon.

We’re going outside to try to play with the new camera and to get some new dog photos.  I may even break my own rules and let the cats out to play so I can take pictures of them too.

First, I’m going to do some calming down.  Although being a regular dog might have been good for him, it was a little more difficult for me.  I’m going to relax for an hour or so and then see what we can find to take pictures of outside.

I’m proud of him for being able to adapt.  I’m proud of me for being able to survive a doctor visit without him.  Mostly, I’m just tired.  I feel like I’ve run for a few hours straight.  I’m not sure if I have.  Am I running from myself, the person who needs a service dog, or was the stress of the first time out just more stressful than I had guessed?