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A white Greyhound puppy.

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Most likely your puppy obedience class will be the first opportunity for your puppy to experience a group of dogs to play with.  Even if you managed to teach your dog everything covered in the class I’d recommend going to a puppy class just for the socialization.

The reason behind taking a class for socialization is simple.  As puppies, dogs don’t tend to show any signs of aggression.  That would come later.  While you are in a puppy class your dog is given the opportunity to get used to socializing with all sorts of dogs and people. This will often get them more comfortable with other types of dogs and their owners than anything else I can think of.

In the adult classes, an aggressive dog will take work to stop being aggressive, so it isn’t as safe to have fun with socialization time.

One of the funniest puppy socialization times I’ve ever seen was when a great dane was on his back to play with a very small dog.  I believe it was a chihuahua.

In addition to the socialization time your dog learns to work with distractions (the other class participants).  That is very valuable.  If your dog will respond to you 100% when you no longer have to use treats and there are distractions, then your dog is fully trained.