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You need to have an ID tag on your dog’s collar at all times.  Just for when your dog gets away from you, it’s important that there is a way for him to get back to you.  Your dog should have his collar on at all times, except for when he is in his crate.

An ID tag should contain the following information:

Name (yours)

Name (dog’s)

Phone Number

You might want to include your address if there is room for it.

There is usually an automatic tag creator machine in most major pet stores.  Tags run around $8.  It may depend on your area.  If you are going out-of-town you might want to create another tag for your vacation.

Vacation tags help because you aren’t home and if your dog gets away from you, your dog can get back to you.  Sometimes there are temporary tags at the big stores where you can write your information on the tags specifically for vacations.