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There are many types of equipment used for training dogs using positive reinforcement. Some you need right away, some can wait till you need them.

The first piece of equipment your dog should always wear is a simple nylon or leather collar. Your other option is a harness.  I recommend a harness only for very small dogs or dogs that have very short noses like pugs.

The second piece of equipment is a good 6′ nylon or leather leash.  Make sure the leash you choose is able to bear the weight your dog will put on it.  Unless you want to teach your dog to pull on a leash don’t use a retractable leash.

I recommend using a crate when training your new dog or puppy.   You want to make sure you choose the correct type and size of crate.  There are all sizes of crates available and you can choose between wire and plastic crates.

Some of you will want to do clicker training with your dog.  To do that you will need a clicker.  Clickers are used to mark the exact moment that your dog does the behavior that you want.  They are an incredibly accurate and helpful.

You will need treats.  There are a number of good healthy treats on the market, several treats that are the equivalent of our junk food (my dogs prefer the junk food of Pupperoni) and roll pet food cut into the right size is also very effective.

If you want to use potty pads for potty training your new puppy you’ll need a good supply of those as well.  I like the Nature’s Miracle brand.  My clients had success with them.  I prefer training my dogs to go potty outside.

You will probably also want a treat bag.  Sometimes when training it’s like you need three hands when you are doing dog training.  A treat bag keeps that problem under control.  It also keeps your pockets from getting all gunked up with dog treat remnants.  I use one with all my dogs and I can tell you that they are quite handy.

Do you have any recommendations or particular brands or products you prefer?  I’d love your suggestions and your tips.