We have a new guest contributor.  Alex at http://goneforawalk.wordpress.com/ has agreed to do guest posts on my blog.  I will be doing the same for her.  I hope you enjoy her posts.

Here is a little about Alex:

My name is Alex, I am 23, and live in Canada.  Vague? Yes.  There are, I am positive, far too many 23 year old Canadian Alex’s, even if you narrow it down to only the female ones, and I like it that way.  If a quick search of my full name on facebook is anything to go by, even if I was more detailed about my name, you still wouldn’t be able to track me down.

I finished university, and am now living back at home with my parents – a position I fully intend to be temporary. I have two younger sisters, which crowds the house up further.

I bought a dog, which now takes up a very large portion of my time, as well as space in the house.  Other things that occupy my time are reading (sci fi and fantasy for the most part), doing yoga, dehydrating food, and planning camping trips I hope to take once it isn’t so ridiculously cold out.  In the winter, I cross-country ski.  In the summer I bike a lot, and camp as much as I can.  In November, I’ll be participating once again in Nanowrimo.  And, at all times of year, in weather that ranges from beautiful to the kind of weather only postal-workers would go out in, I walk.  A lot.