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Copper got the day off today.  Instead he has lazed around the house with me trying to keep my anxiety under control.  We weren’t able to make it into the doctor today.  I got surprised by the day of the week and it brought on one of the big anxiety attacks, the kind that don’t like to go away.  As you can tell, Copper has felt a little sleepy with me today.

Harley was able to come home on lunch to wake me up for my appointment.  I’m lucky my counselor understands.  I meet with her same time same place next week.

My anxiety is mostly under control now.  I’ll be good as new tonight.  We’ll watch a movie and curl up on the couch. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow at the latest.

If nothing else, it was an exercise in learning to control anxiety attacks.  I’m doing better at it than I was before, but not as good as I would like.  Gotta keep working on it, but hey, I knew that already.