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Now your dog should be able to come to you reliably.  That is fantastic.  We have one last thing to teach your dog with the come command.  What we want to do now is to add an automatic sit to the end of the come command.  By doing this, you have more control over your dog.  This can be especially helpful in emergency situations.

What happens if your dog slips his collar?  If he is 100% reliable on the come command, he comes right back to you and sits while you put his collar back on and tighten it.  So, keeping your dog safe is our top priority, however there are lots of applications for the come command.  Having him sit afterward gives you that bit of extra control that you need.

Good news!  Adding the automatic sit at the end of the come command is very easy since hopefully you’ve followed these training exercises in order and you already know how to teach sit.

When your dog comes to you:

  • Lure the treat from your dog’s nose up and over so his head goes up and his butt goes down.  Do not say sit.

Practice this at least 25 times per day for at least a week.

  • Next, when your dog comes to you, simply raise your arms to chest level.  His eyes should go up and his but should go down.
  • If this doesn’t happen, go back to the previous week and practice that for another 25 times per day for another week, then try again.
  • Do not say sit.

You are not going to add the sit command (the word) to this exercise at all because you want this to become an automatic part of the come command not a separate exercise.

Do you have any questions?  Please leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to answer them.