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A male Bulldog puppy.

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Puppy massage is a great way to get to know your puppy and build a bond.  It is also a good way of relaxing your dog and examining him.  If you practice with him beforehand, examining your dog if you think there is something wrong, will be a lot easier.

  • Pet your puppy just like you always would
  • Rub your puppies ears
  • Run your hands very gently down your puppies legs
  • Rub your puppy’s tail
  • Lift your puppy’s tail
  • Bend your puppies paws back so you can see his paws

If at any time your puppy seems uncomfortable let him get down or just go back to petting him regularly.  Puppy massage is fantastic for relaxing both you and your puppy.  I think you’ll enjoy it and I know your puppy will.