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1 day old hovawart puppy

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Puppies are incredibly talented at finding trouble.  That means when you get a new puppy you need to puppy proof your home.

It is common for people to forget this step when a new puppy comes home because it is possibly the most difficult step in bringing a puppy into your home because it is time-consuming.  Yes, puppy proofing is time-consuming, but you will thank yourself later if you do it.

To begin, take a look around your house, preferably on your hands and knees.  What do you see that is chewable?  You will probably see shoes, maybe purses, laptop cases or briefcases etc.  Your first step is to get whatever objects you find into a closet with the doors shut or stored someplace that a puppy can not access.

Find the right place for your puppy’s crate.  Initially, you might want to consider next to your bed so you know while you are crate training your puppy when he needs to go out.

Also, baby gate off a safe area in your home (possibly a bathroom or kitchen) where your puppy can be  when you can’t focus on him.  You can move a baby gate around so that you can keep the puppy in the same room with you.

You might also want to find a proper place to store your puppies toys.  This should be something chew-proof.

If you have any questions, or anything to add, please let me know.  I’m always happy for your opinions.