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5 weeks old Golden Retriever

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When you get a new puppy or adult dog it is important that the children in your house learn how to play with it.

You don’t want your puppy to get so scared that it reacts poorly and bites your child.  You also don’t want your child to understand that the puppy can get hurt and end up with an injured and scared puppy.

It is important for you to know that you need to supervise your child and puppy while they are interacting, every time they interact, until the puppy is used to your home and your family.  You also need to supervise until your puppy is used to your children.

It is important that children know:

  • Not to pull on the puppies ears or tail
  • Not to ride the puppy
  • To pet the puppy gently
  • To play games like fetch, training games, let the puppy chase them, take them for a walk, and play with puppy with it’s toys (tug toys, balls, teething toys)
  • Not to rough house with the puppy
  • Not to interrupt a sleeping or eating puppy
  • Don’t feed the puppy food from the table

It usually takes around three weeks for a dog to acclimate to a new household.  It will take longer if you allow your children to handle your dog roughly.  It could also cause the dog to be afraid of your children which can lead to problems down the line such as aggression.

Are you having trouble acclimating your puppy into your home?  Leave a comment with your particular issue and I will address it to the best of my ability.