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The Everlasting Treat Ball is a big hit in my house.  All three of my dogs love it.  Most of my client’s dogs did as well.  The liver inserts seem to be particularly appealing.

To give you an overview of the product, we’ll go through the pros and cons of the product.


  • The rubber is very sturdy and I have only had one client’s dog chew through it.
  • The middle treats are edible and I’ve found that I can find at least one type of treat that any dog will like.
  • The treats last for a long time.  My largest dog takes a bit over a day to go through one when he is really determined.
  • Can be used inside a crate after you are sure the dog is unable to chew through the rubber part of the toy.


  • The initial toy is expensive.
  • The treat replacements are also expensive.

In my opinion this toy is worth it.  It is especially worth it if you have a dog who actively likes to chew.  After you watch your dog using this toy and verify that they don’t have the inclination to chew through the plastic of the toy.

What do you think of this treat?  Do you think the cost is worth it?