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Psychiatric Service Dog In Training

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No matter what type of disability you have, you may be wondering if you might benefit from a service dog.

The most common service dogs are either seeing eye dogs for the blind or mobility dogs.  I live near one of the most popular seeing eye dog facilities, Leader Dogs for the BlindPaws with a Cause are also well-known for many types of service dog training.

There are other types of dogs as well.  The dogs can be trained for medical alert, to help with psychiatric disabilities, to help with mental disabilities, hearing alert dogs, seizure alert and response dogs, Autism service dogs, and dogs that help people with physical disabilities.

Unless you are a very experienced dog trainer, you should probably go through a dog training facility to get your service dog.  Owner trained service dogs are allowed, but from experience I can tell you that some airlines can give you a really difficult time if you don’t have certification from a facility.

To find a service dog training facility go to google and type in “*your disability* service dog training.”  This should give you a list of training centers for service dogs specific for your disability.