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Step two makes it more difficult for your dog to leave a treat alone.  Your dog requires this command to be cemented into its brain so that when you drop something that would be dangerous to him you can keep him from hurting himself.

This is very important for your dog to learn.  It can keep them safe and is helpful in situations around town.  Teaching your dog this command can keep them from going to unfamiliar dogs, away from dropped food, and away from garbage dumpsters.  It can even be helpful in helping them ignore dog excrement you might pass along the way.

Leave It Step Two

  • Put a treat on the floor and take a step away from it.  If the dog does lunge for it say no loudly and try to cover with your foot.  If your dog does not lunge for it, pick the treat up and say take it.
  • Practice at least 25 times per day
  • Add one more step back from the treat per day.
  • If your dog fails, (takes the treat) you are moving too fast, go back to one step and quickly progress back to several steps away.

If you want to make it more difficult, increase the temptiveness of the treat.  Switch from a dog bone to a soft treat, or a soft treat to a piece of chicken or steak or maybe hamburger.  Remember your dog must be perfect to continue.  If a week isn’t enough time, keep practicing before you move from this step.