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Copper was a wonderful working dog today.  The snow has finally melted and we went to the medicine doctor today.  I did poorly, he did fantastic.

I got an order from amazon in the mail and spent all the time I should have used getting ready into setting up my new lighted makeup mirror.  After I started feeling well enough to have the motivation to do things like makeup again, I realized my old makeup mirror was, well… junk now.

After I put on Copper’s vest and leash and ran out the door my anxiety level was already high.  Once I got to the office, I found the doctor running an appointment and a half behind schedule.  The office was crowded and my anxiety soared.

Of course, Copper alerted me, supported me in calming down, did all the things he was supposed to do.  I’m so proud of him to help me in such a distracting environment.  By the time we were called into my appointment I felt like I could barely breathe.  I was dizzy and weak.  I used Copper to help me get back into the office.  Thank goodness the bit of mobility training Copper was quite effective.

He managed to get me to the car after the appointment and sat with me while I calmed down enough to drive home.  He even continued his work once we got back home.  As I continue to work on getting my anxiety under control, I appreciate him more and more.  I am very proud of him.