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Blue Lacy

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I am so honored that you have continued along the path with me of choosing the right dog or puppy for you.  So far, we’ve talked about size, personality, age and allergies.

Today, we’re going to talk about grooming requirements.  Grab your paper where you have been keeping your ideas, just in case you need to make a note, or change your mind on a breed you have been thinking about.

You may not think at first glance that grooming is a big factor in making decisions regarding choosing the right puppy.  Let me tell you as a multiple dog owner that grooming is a huge factor when caring for your dogs.

For instance, my service dog, Copper requires a lot of brushing  and sheds a great deal, however since his hair doesn’t grow longer, except for nail trimming, I can take care of brushing him.  I use the Zoom Groom with him and it works quite well.

Lacy’s hair grows quite a lot.  She is a cockapoo.  She needs regular brushing a couple times a week, more if she gets into snow or gets a chance to get into a bunch of trees to wrestle around.

Scully’s hair grows but not as much as Lacy’s.  I take care of his grooming myself with one of those home hair cutting kits and scissors.

I choose not to trim my dog’s nails myself.  Since they are all black, I can’t see the vein and do not trust myself to do this.  Instead I take them to one of the major pet stores and have their groomers trim their nails.  It’s cheap, not as cheap as doing it myself, but still, not expensive.

From these three examples you can see that just my dog’s requirements vary as far as cost, time, and maintenance.  Here is a monthly breakdown:

  • Lacy:  $35 a month and about 30 minutes a week
  • Copper: $8 a month and about 10 minutes a week
  • Scully: $8 a month and about 10 minutes a week

Do you want to spend a lot of time and money grooming your dog, or do you want a dog with lower maintenance grooming needs?  How much time can you afford to spend?  Who will be responsible for these needs?

As you look over the types of dogs that you want to choose between consider the grooming requirements of these dogs and take a long look at the grooming requirements of these dogs.