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Humane Society 7

Image by anoldent via Flickr

Unless you know that your wife/husband/girlfriend/etc really wants a dog, gift dogs are a bad idea.  I know that it seems extremely romantic and if they want a dog, it can be.  However, gift dogs account for a significant part of dogs that get turned in to humane societies.

Even if you know someone wants to get a dog do you know how to choose a dog or puppy for them?

Do you really know what kind of dog they want?  Do you know enough about their lifestyle to choose the right dog for them?  Do you know how much time they have to care for the dog?  Do you know whether they would prefer an adult dog or a puppy?  Do you know if they have allergies?  Do you know that they have the money to keep the dog?  Until you know these things, you don’t want to get a gift dog.  It is likely to be an unwise decision.