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Wow, we are really moving along your road in choosing the perfect dog for you.  Drag that sheet of paper back out from your desk, and let’s start to discuss a topic that may or may not change your plans to get a new dog or puppy.

Some people are allergic to dogs.  We all know that, but when you are considering a new pet you need to consider whether any members of your family have dog allergies.

Having allergies doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have a dog.  Having allergies in general doesn’t mean that you are allergic to dogs.  For that you will need to go to your doctor and ask to be tested.  If you are allergic to dogs, it does, however, mean that the breeds you can choose between are limited and/or that you might have to take allergy medication.

In general I would recommend a second generation cross with a poodle or a poodle it’s self.  The second generation cross means that the mixed breed dog (let’s go with a labrador because they are popular) is then bred with another poodle.

So a first generation cross would be the puppies born from a labrador and poodle mix.

A second generation cross would be the puppies that result from the first mix being bred with another poodle.

Other breeds that you might research are dogs that do not shed as much as others since it is the dander that usually causes the allergy.  A Bichon might be an appropriate choice.  A Maltese might be another option.

I have found a list online of the breeds the author thinks might be good for allergy sufferers.  I don’t agree with all the breeds, but for the most, I think they are good choices.  This list is located here.  I also found a WebMD article that talks about dog allergy treatments.  That is located here.  There is another article that you might find interesting about controlling animal dander in your home here.

While choosing the right breed of dog, then the right dog in particular is beneficial there are also treatments for your dog that might (I don’t have allergies and therefore no way to check them out) help reduce the animal dander on your dog.  Here are some Products that Might Help.

If it were me I would choose a second generation poodle mix.  I have been told the laboradoodle was created initially to help those who suffered with allergies to be able to use service dog partners.

In this area, I would like to be able to offer more first hand advice, but I didn’t come across the issue in my personal experiences and I’m surprised, looking back, that none of my clients experienced this problem either.  Instead of going on personal experience for this topic I’m doing the best that I can by giving you the information that I learned while being certified for dog training and all the books I read before and after certification, as well as pointing you to resources that have experience with this particular issue.

I welcome any comments on this topic that might have more personal experience or more training on the subject.